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    Assistance dogs are totally pawsome!What can we say about dogs that we don’t already know? They are simply the best friend anyone can have and brin...
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    As Covid restrictions begin to ease we’re pawsitively brimming with excitement at the news that many of our favourite dog shows and events are back with a bang (or should that be a bark?). 
  • Canine cuisine

    When it comes to doggy dinners we all want to give our furry friends the best, most nutritious and natural diet we can. There is so much choice on the market that it can be a minefield when deciding which route to go.
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    Pure breed, cross breed, or mix breed. We love our dogs for exactly who they are, but doggy DNA test can tell us what other breeds of dog are inside our furry friends. It might seem a bit silly to run a genetic test on your dog – after all, they’re not going to care about the results – but ancestry tests can also help.

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    We wear waterproof clothes when the weather is horrible, but what about your dog? Here are five rainy day doggy products that he just might thank you for, and so will your carpets!